Thursday, November 23, 2006

Indian Reality Shows Come of Age

Tis true.. Indian Reality has finally moved beyond Boogie Woogie or its more sophisticated counterpart - Nach Baliye. Bigg Boss premiered on Sony a while back and after avidly following the series for 2 weeks, I think we have a hit on our hands. TAM viewership data will be the final judge but I think this is a definite winner. The spectacle of 13 B-grade celebrities (and I'm being kind here) politicking and back biting and keeping house for each other is captivating and appeals shamelessly to our nasty side. Each of them are no longer obscure-perhaps-seen people - they are well known and well loved (?) friends we discuss and analyse. And the fact that they are being kept in the lap of luxury (a spacious house with all basic amenities taken care of - including a gym!), mean that they have nothing to occupy them beyond a few odd domestic chores. And definitely a idle mind is a devil's workshop. Still, its a lot of fun to watch and let's face it-live vicariously.
Roadies on MTV (in its 4th season) on the other hand is different kettle of fish. I gave up watching it after the 1st season cos it seemed very juvenile. Besides who wants to watch people riding a bike - I would prefer to be riding on a bike! Anyway, while waiting for Bigg Boss to start (its timing are very temperamental - is this on purpose?), I came across what seemed like a huge fight among the roadies. Wow! What happened to the first season's pragmatic participants who kept their counsel and didn't fight or do much till the final epidodes? These people are polarised from day one on the basis of (hold your breath) of hometown. So apparently there's a Chandigarh gang versus a Delhi gang and the Kolkata guy is stuck in the middle me thinks.
Amidst desi reality, me still very much embroiled in firangi reality - watching The Amazing Race - both the American and Asian version. The American one is the real thing but the Asian one is hilarious - have to cheer on the Indian team (very buffed male models). Also stumbled upon a new one caled The Scholar where students aspiring to college fight it out to get aid for college - wonder how my brother managed without a television series.
Right now back to my own reality - office...