Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Sales seems to involve a lot of waiting and a lot of less of actual selling... just a thought..

Just watched more than 150 litres of beer being poured down the drain - I love my job!

Saw a whole lot of movies so am reviewing but shotgun-style

  • Shootout at Lokhandwala - did it actually happen like this - this being policemen minus bullet-proof vests, officers in casuals and criminals who sing and dance. Gah! Avoid
  • Pirates of the Caribbean 3 - well, its better than #2 and not as good as #1 - Johnny Depp is fabulous but frankly one isn't too interested in Keira-Bloom romance. Timepass
  • Ocean's Thirteen - Good popcorn fun and if everything happens so smoothly, you wanna turn to crime, who cares - long live cool thieves! Must Watch
  • Shrek 3 - Very cute stuff especially if you're an animation fan.. Must Watch only if you like the idea of ogre-babies

My God - That's like 3 sequels I've seen and all of them the third in their series.. odd! Ok, gotto go sell some beer