Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ahoy there!

I never realised just how far the United States of America was till I travelled there by air! Phew, we're talking 30 hours of travelling including 3 flights and assorted waiting times and check-in time and baggae collection time. And let's not even get into getting over my fever (thanks to freezing flights) and jet-lag!
Still when I did recover it was to appreciate this country - a lot! First stop in this vacation is in Charlotte in North Carolina - not listed in Lonely Planet attractions but still genuine Americana.. Lots of space, well-behaved people, this city is very quiet and extremely polite!! I felt shy here saying Hi to every sales person who's shop I was window-shopping in.
But the best part is definitely eating and shopping! Tried Twinkies and grits and Cajun food as well as Wendy's and pancakes.. Shopping is making me wish I earned in $ and I think even that wouldn't help much :)
Took a weekend trip to Smoky Mountains and really enjoying the scenery and the weather.. Wow.. so much to see and so little time...

Sunday, June 08, 2008


I had planned a couple of posts based on books I had read recently - Daughter of Persia - and movies I had seen in the last 2 weeks - Indiana Jones, Narnia, 21, Sex and the City and Sarkar Raj.. but work and boredom intervened..
Now I'm off to the States and hope to post a little more frequently from there - Charlotte, Washington DC and NEW YORK CITY!!
Ahoy there :)