Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Saw two movies in Delhi yesterday - two ends of the spectrum you could say:
Namastey London and Bheja Fry
Bheja Fry was an interesting movie and quite funny in parts. And if I'm not full of praise for the movie, its because I wasn't impressed. My review for the movie would be that its a timepass movie. That's because my litmus test for any movie is - Would I watch it again? - and unfortunately I would have to say no.. The humor was tired and beyond my favourite phrase "Its ringing.." the dialogue wasn't exactly sparkling wit.
Namastey London is being famously hailed as the seconnd hit of the year after Guru and I strenously object to it being even considered in the same league. NL is a decent enough movie but I really wish they could have cut out all the songs which just seemed to come in the middle of the quite-interesting story without being all that great either. Katrina Kaif is beautiful and finally gets a role that suits her to a tee but I wonder if she can ever replicate this sucess with a different role. Akshay Kumar was predictably reliable but to quote my dad " had a nampy pamby role". Sorry but I like my men red blooded and passionate!! The parents in the movie are the real steal from Rishi Kapoor to his wife to Upen Patel's Muslim dad - quite delightful. The other thing really missing from the movie was how and why NRI children sort out the whole identity crisis they have to go to and I guess this is what separates (for good or for worse) Namastey London from say The Namesake