Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dashed off for a quick weekend to Pondicherry. What a sweet little town! Spent an enjoyable two days eating, shopping and enjoying the sea (or is it the bay?) Auroville is an interesting place and a must see for anyone visiting Pondy but I do confess – I spent more time shopping in the 3 boutiques than investigating the spirituality of the township.

Matrimandir is a splendid but am the only one who thinks it looks like an alien space shuttle? And I was a little disappointed that we couldn't go any closer or even inside. Ah well, maybe when I become an Aurovillian?

But the most spectacular part of the trip was sitting and watching the waves crashing onto the rocks – what beauty, what violence, what serenity – simply amazing!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Interlude -Jaane Tu..

When I first saw the trailer for the movie, I was convinced that Jaane Tu.. would be just another teeny bopper, candy floss movie. The debutante Imran too has an uncanny resemblence to Faisal Khan - Aamir's ill-fated brother - which reminded me of the insanity that was Mela. But after being told by a number of people how good the movie was (esp compared to Love Story 2050) I decided to go watch it. The saga of watching it is a different story altogether. But I absolutely loved the movie!
Its fun, cute, hilarious, enjoyable and with 2-3 really good numbers and not one item number or any overt mention of sex or any Emran style kissing.. What's not to love?
The real star of the movie are the dialogues, the production and the editing. It takes you along and doesn't give you time to dwell on niggly details like Imran (im)mobile face and Genelia and Manjari's irritating acting. Naseruddin Shah and Ratna Pathak are hands down fabulous in their scenes together and everytime an actor starts singing (Jaane Tu in the beginning, Tu Hi Re by Rothlu, Jaane Tu in the end), you can't help giggling and then guffawing!
Imran is 100% star in the making and his chocolate boy looks seem great for his current age but unlike Shahid Khan, his bone structure indicates a very handsome old man too. None of the other kids stand out but then this is his star vehicle..
A definite must watch and then another watch..

Friday, July 04, 2008

American Saga - Part I

Charlotte, North Carolina is a lovely piece of suburban America – totally wholesome and delightful. But yes, one does miss the occasional Indian face (since it is overwhelmingly American) and we didn’t see a single Asian taxi-driver either! My brother’s apartment is simply adorable and I adored the pretty flowers and garden just outside his door. What struck me was the apartment’s sheer self sufficiency (kudos to my brother as well) whereby it’s a joy to take care of the flat and live in it.
The neighborhood grocery store – mysteriously named Harris Teeter – was stunning for its sheer range of products. Even a Hypercity in Mumbai can’t beat it for the absolute number of brands available in any product category (though Harris Teeter is much smaller). I also got a good look at TiVo and believe me, I’ll be the first to queue when it launches in India. I got to see all my favorite shows – seasons ahead! – and recorded whatever I missed! American ads are a bit boring compared to our song-and-dance routines but they were surprisingly more intelligent. Of course, the absolute most fun thing was the shopping! Be it low cost Walmart or Target or the expensive (for us!) Macy’s – I went berserk buying whatever I could. Sigh, am quite sure I spent most of my dollars in Charlotte only..