Monday, July 30, 2007

Serial Killer and Scary Movie

Zodiac - The Zodiac Killer was a serial killer who operated in California for ten months in the late 1960s. His identity remains unknown. I had read about the Zodiac Killer in a book about serial killers but I guess killers like Gacy and Wuornos are much more famous. The director obviously beleived that God is in the details because God! the movie was detailed - 3 hours of painstaking detail.. The only good thing was we saw it for 75 bucks - IMT style!
The Grudge 2 - quite scary in comparison to the first movie. I mean I only leapt out of my seat twice last time.. This time, I shut my eyes for a lot of scenes! The good part was I went with a friend instead of boyfriend and we spent most of my time making fun of each for being such scaredy-cats.. Also, we kept asking why the girl / little boy / schoolkids would go into a haunted house or open meant-to-be-shut doors.. What are they stupid or something? And why hang around when all the creaking noises happen?? Me - I would run a mile.
Moral of the story - take boyfriend along for scary movies and girlpal for deep movies

Friday, July 27, 2007

Movie versus Book

One of the most debated question is always whether a movie adaptation will live up to its source book. I find this a singularly silly question as the two are too (sic) different for any objective comparison. After all, a movie can show in seconds a scene it might take an author 3 paragraphs or 3 pages (go read a Clancy) to build up. While a book is never constricted by the 3 hour format (go watch Zodiac!) and can ramble on for 12 volumes (go read Wheel of Time!). I guess the other reason I find this a silly question also because I can never make up my mind. I always find a movie unable to live up to its book - but LOTR is my favourite exception to this rule and so its much easier to rubbish the question!
But that's not the point - HARRY POTTER!
First I watched the movie - OoTP - Order of the Phoenix for the un-Pottered people. Disappointment galore but it was to be expected I guess since this was my least favourite book. But was it my imagination or did every seem to be a little too calm.. I mean - hello, Dark Wizard loose! Harry seemed a little distracted... But the Department of Mysteries scene was fabulous.. The never-ending walls of prophecies! The Voldy-Dumby battle!! This is where a movie scores...
Then I waited and waited for the last book. Unlike some insane people (PP and I!), I didn't pre-book and arrive at the shop at 5:30 am! I did stick to tradition and get my brother to buy it for me. I was in office when it arrived and I grabbed it and went striaght home to read it in about 4 hours - man I'm losing my touch! No real surprises in the book but JK Rowling has neatly ties up all loose ends and if one of the last chapters resembles a scene from The Matrix, we won't dwell on it!