Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Au Revoir!

The last time I left Bangalore, I wrote farewell, never imagining that in less than a year I would be back in the Garden City. I am older and wiser so this time – I say “Never say never”.
But I will miss this city which has been my home for the past 13 months.
I will miss my cousin V who I got to know better and beyond multiplication tables. I will miss S and K who now have a new angel S to play with. Once again I will miss I who happens to be in Amsterdam this time and not Paris (globe trotting ******!)

After almost 3 years of not drinking beer, I will miss my girl gang and all my other colleagues who made office a whole lot of fun.

I will miss all the movie-watching in Fame but I will not miss their awful caramel popcorn
I will miss the pocket friendly tickets at Fun but I will not miss their giddy parking
I will miss my car but not the traffic or the Ring Road
I will miss the MAC shop and the second-hand book stores

I will miss Cornerhouse which sprouted a franchisee near my place prompting many a late night sprint for some Choco Nut Sundae