Monday, September 01, 2008

Back to the Theatre

After a long hiatus, I watched two back-to-back movies and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Of course, the best part was the caramel popcorn and the free lipstick and nail polish Amway was giving away as part of some promotional offer but the movies were decent too.
Bachna Ae Haseeno disappointed, especially since every single (female) friend had told me how good it was. I didn’t like Ranbir one bit and was continuously cheering every time someone took the mickey out of him. Minissha was extremely irritating and I really don’t think she deserved Kunal Kapoor! Deepika was a notch above; but her perfectly groomed exterior seemed a bit odd for a business school student with 2 part time jobs. The real scene stealer, according to me, was Bipasha. As the lean mean model, she was simply scorching and she got the best dialogues from the soggy second half – she got Ranbir removing nail polish from her feet!I am sure every girl was silently cheering her on. Another grouse was the movie wrapped up a little too fast so though that was good for running for my next show, I felt a bit cheated. Where was the angst, the agony, the tear-jerk ending?

Rock On was a little more paisa-vasool. The music was simply amazing and merged perfectly with the narrative; the way it never did while listening to it in the car. Farhan was a pleasant surprise while Arjun’s mostly silent performance was very intense. Purab as the fun-loving K.D. was adorable and ‘Debbie’ was very very good.. Prachi disappointed though she made an excellent clothes-horse and Luke Kenny seemed to sleepwalk through the movie. The movie was a good watch overall and I would recommend it despite the lazy editing. In fact, it was refreshing to see a good movie about a rock band without the usual drugs and loose women plotlines. A little too Bollywood perhaps but heck, who’s complaining.