Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Little Bo Peep

I had planned 2 new posts about movies I had seen and a 300 year old tree I had taken pictures of and my parents' visit. But - My phone was stolen from me today.. My very expensive, brand-new phone - right off my table when I was in a meeting. So very depressed and sad.
Let us observe a few minutes silence... and yes, you can join me in heaping curses on the ******* who did the dark deed.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Indian Reality Shows Come of Age

Tis true.. Indian Reality has finally moved beyond Boogie Woogie or its more sophisticated counterpart - Nach Baliye. Bigg Boss premiered on Sony a while back and after avidly following the series for 2 weeks, I think we have a hit on our hands. TAM viewership data will be the final judge but I think this is a definite winner. The spectacle of 13 B-grade celebrities (and I'm being kind here) politicking and back biting and keeping house for each other is captivating and appeals shamelessly to our nasty side. Each of them are no longer obscure-perhaps-seen people - they are well known and well loved (?) friends we discuss and analyse. And the fact that they are being kept in the lap of luxury (a spacious house with all basic amenities taken care of - including a gym!), mean that they have nothing to occupy them beyond a few odd domestic chores. And definitely a idle mind is a devil's workshop. Still, its a lot of fun to watch and let's face it-live vicariously.
Roadies on MTV (in its 4th season) on the other hand is different kettle of fish. I gave up watching it after the 1st season cos it seemed very juvenile. Besides who wants to watch people riding a bike - I would prefer to be riding on a bike! Anyway, while waiting for Bigg Boss to start (its timing are very temperamental - is this on purpose?), I came across what seemed like a huge fight among the roadies. Wow! What happened to the first season's pragmatic participants who kept their counsel and didn't fight or do much till the final epidodes? These people are polarised from day one on the basis of (hold your breath) of hometown. So apparently there's a Chandigarh gang versus a Delhi gang and the Kolkata guy is stuck in the middle me thinks.
Amidst desi reality, me still very much embroiled in firangi reality - watching The Amazing Race - both the American and Asian version. The American one is the real thing but the Asian one is hilarious - have to cheer on the Indian team (very buffed male models). Also stumbled upon a new one caled The Scholar where students aspiring to college fight it out to get aid for college - wonder how my brother managed without a television series.
Right now back to my own reality - office...

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Salaam Mumbai

All in the interest of work and career.. got rushed to Mumbai for some work at about an hour's notice. With any luck, I should be back home by Monday. Before anyone makes a smart comment about high-flying MBAs, I warn you - I am armed and dangerous. My weekend is shot to hell in a city I'm not that fond of, working here but intermittently so I have time to spare and brood. I am the organised type and do not respond well to sudden plans. Worse, at such short notice no time to party either. Plus point? I can whine at will. And I will!
Ok, now that's over. I finally enabled comments on my blog.. Didn't know I was supposed to do that :) so apparently, while I've been posting away secure in my belief that noone cares, now I realise people read and comment on my blog.. Gosh, I better mind my Ps and Qs innit?

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Life Happens..

My last post was almost 2 months ago.. its scary how caught one can get with everyday stuff and forget to think about what's really happening.. As they say, life happens and boy, how one learns from it.
My birthday happened.. I truly believe a person's birthday is a wonderful day for them. Its their day - not just 'cos its 14th Feb or Red Rose day or they happen to be someone's mother/ father/ brother/ sister/ friend/ best friend.. plus unlike anniversaries, its all about that one person. So I felt great getting presents and calls and smses and generally being treated like something special - hell, this happens about once a year, if I want to be smug, I will! As always, there were people who called earlier (I swear its your birthday today.. No, its tomorrow. I would know the date, you know) and the people who called late (I'm so sorry, I was ill/ working/ studying.. Its ok. At least you remembered that you forgot). And of course the people who didn't call at all. What can I say? I was hurt. I didn't think a single call/ sms/ mail/ orkut scrap was that difficult.. Oh well, cover the hurt with platitudes - it's ok, hota hai.. and move on.
Lesson - stop hoping for some things to be back to normal..
A trip back home happened.. Combining business with pleasure, I was home for about 4 days.. Boy, was it wonderful, it was so easy to slip back into the old routine - cursing traffic, searching for anonymous buildings in haphazardly-planned areas, meeting the family again, chatting with old friends at ridiculous hours, shopping for bargains in Lajpat Nagar and shanni bazaar. Leaving was a wrench.. Ah well, going back for Diwali..
Lesson - Nothing beats home
4 movies in 2 days happened. Squeezed in Pyar Ke Side Effects (decent movie but hugely borrowed from every English film made about committment-phobic men), Woh Lamhe (god story, bad execution but Shiney is yum!) on Saturday and watched Devil Wears Prada (Meryl Streep is brilliant but if she was ever my boss-I'd quit) and Khosla ka Ghosla (Over-hyped but brings back very Dilli memories).
Lesson - Movies are expensive to watch anywhere but in Ghaziabad.
Lots of work happened.. piled up, hectic, slow and then frenetic, racing for deadlines, gym forgotten, mental exhaustion and aching eyes from staring at scores of numbers. Honeymoon period over, I'm on the job where there is never a day which goes perfectly. My boss is adorable and so far, everyone is being very patient with my (extremely) stupid questions and queries. But obviously, this will not last.
Lesson - Desk job means I can wear heels again.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Yeh Mera Ghar

They say home is where the heart is.. I still miss Delhi but I like my creature comforts enough to set up my place here in Bangalore.. It's a 2BHK so the blue and white curtains are put up in the hall where there is zero furniture. The red brick thing shows the sparsely equipped kitchen.. But my pride and joy is my room, where the pink curtains make me feel like I'm back in college. My books are obviously not on the shelf but clustered around my mattress.. It may not compare to Lakshmi Mittal's palace but its home for now.

KL pictures

Thursday, August 17, 2006

My Love..

I'm in love.. with my new phone.. I've waited so long for it (well, only about 3 months!) and now I have it.. Bliss..

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Scientific Research

I read yet another article in the paper today about scientists (predictably male) who claim to have finally figured out what women want - romance (DUH!) Apparently they showed a sample of women both hard and soft porn and discovered (sic) that women got more aroused by kisses and cuddles (yawn!)

Ok how many of us didn't already know this? Yes, the men.. Men are so clueless (or pretend to be anyway) about what women want. Then they marvel at Casanova who figured out the obvious secret - it is very simple to keep women happy.

There is the whole cache of cliches of what romance is. You know - red roses, her favourite flowers, chocolates, moonlit walks, kisses, candlelit dinner, late night calls, poetry, Romeo & Juliet, walks in the rain, long drives, holding hands, slow dancing to romantic music like maybe jazz, songs like - Lady in Red ad nauseum. Or even the ultimate conclusion with the man down on one knee with a ring in hand and beautiful words.

Then there's a scene from a movie I saw (I think it was Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) where romance was the hero collecting interesting looking stamps for his woman 'cos that's what she loved doing.

I thnk romance is actually much simpler - it could be cooking a meal together or even lying with his head on her lap.. the essence is being together and liking it.. Everything else is like window dressing - wonderful to experience and enjoy but let's face it, its the dress in the window we take home, isn't it?

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Yeh number maujood..

I applied for a corporate connection a 10 days ago and after a lot of bullying and shouting and threatening, our connections finally started working last week. But the few days I spent without a mobile connection seemed the worst of my life.. and I started wondering, considering how much time we spend on the phone, do we really connect with anyone we talk to?
As part of my sales shadow stint, I've seen colleagues spend a good chunk of time travelling and talking on their phone.. arguing, joking, commiserating, losing their tempers and, thanks to the police, paying out fines for their trouble. And I can't seem to resist messaging when I have time and calling for something which could have easily waited.. So when I come across this line from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, it clicks instantly - "Constantly talking isn't necessarily communicating".
That also reminds me that I haven't seen any movie since Superman Returns.. and Pirates is in theatres right now.. Excuse me, I need to call and friend to fix a plan for watching it..

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Wishing and Hoping

This is the hardest post I've ever had to write.. so much had happened since I left Shillong that it seems almost odd to try and concise it to a single post.. Had got so used to just loggin on and posting whenever the urge took me.. I'm right now at a Reliance Webworld at Forum Mall, Bangalore. The people here screwed up with myaccount so am busy enjoying free net access while the sort it out.. I like the customer care here ;)
Well, started my new job.. Met some really awesome managers at the top of my organisation and at the risk of sound fatous - they rock.. SO much knowledge, wisdom, drive and creativity.. Wish that I coudl be even half as good as them.. My Mktg Director told me to just soak up all the knowledge possible right now and am going to do just that. Hub Office Training finished in 3 days and 2 of our number were shipped off to Mumbai and Gurgaon.. I was told that I was marketing and therefore posted here in Bangalore.. the househunting started.. after 3 more days of Regional Office training, another of our number left for Hyderabad.. and last night after our sales shadow stint started, we got disbanded more to assorted hotels and guesthouses.. Now its just my roomie and me. My roomie is a doll and I really look forward to sharing with her.. Here's hoping she doesnt get too fed up of me.. We are moving into a 2BHK in Devasandra tonight and with the usual confusion (about bank accounts and ready cash), hoping things go smoothly.. Also get to swipe some of my brother's stuff lying here so we should have a TV at least which is a big thing..
What else? My feet still hurt from the sales stint yesterday and am currently hunting for flats..

Friday, July 07, 2006

A New Era Dawns

There's some sort of saying about the best laid plans of mice and men.. but since I got about 15 minutes before my time is up..
Had planned to blog from Delhi then from B'lore but got caught up in life.. Left Shillong on 26th June and landed straight into the heat that masquerades as Delhi.. a rat in the house, no fan in my room, no broadband and a phone that didn't work seemed like the worst of omens.. But when we landed in Bangalore last Friday with 23 degrees and a lovely guesthouse, things started looking up. Met up with some friends too and started work this Monday after about 6 months of vacationing..
Phew! We are training till next week and since yours truly is posted in Hub Office, must start apartment hunting too.. the good news is that am doing shadow stints till October so no responsibilities yet! The bad news is that I don't have a local connection.. More news later when the muse comes around..

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Double Take

I saw a movie the other day - 13 going on 30 - and apart from liking the movie (chick-flick timepass) I also loved something a character said.

When asked by her daughter if she would like to change anything she did wrong she says
I know I made a lot of mistakes...but I don't regret making any of them. Because if I hadn't have made them, I wouldn't have learned how to make things right.

I've made so many mistakes in my life.. things I regret so much.. things I look back upon and wish I could have done differently.. In fact if I made a list it would probably run into pages and pages..

I regret I didn't fight to save some friendships, I regret I was so difficult to approach, I regret I didn't try hard enough, I regret I settled and compromised, I regret I avoided a problem instead of tackling it head on, I regret some friends I made and I regret some friends I didn't make, I regret I didn't hang in there, I regret I failed, I regret the choices I made, I regret I was talked into something I didn't feel was right, I regret being party to a lynch-mob, I regret not making time for something I believe in, I regret wasting so much time..

But what I perhaps regret the most is not doing what the smart lady in the movie did.. not making things right.. I've tried but I don't think I've tried enough.. I think its worse making a mistake when you realise later that you didn't fix it and no amount of justification (I didn't have time, they didn't listen, they wouldnt have believed me anyway, I can't act that way) makes it better..

So I think I'm going to go with something else I found..
Never regret. If it's good, it's wonderful. If it's bad, it's experience.

Friday, June 16, 2006


For R who liked my posts and N who finally read one

And a youth said, 'Speak to us of Friendship.'
Your friend is your needs answered.
He is your field which you sow with love and reap with thanksgiving.
And he is your board and your fireside.
For you come to him with your hunger, and you seek him for peace.
When your friend speaks his mind you fear not the 'nay' in your own mind, nor do you withhold the 'ay.'
And when he is silent your heart ceases not to listen to his heart;
For without words, in friendship, all thoughts, all desires, all expectations are born and shared, with joy that is unacclaimed.
When you part from your friend, you grieve not;
For that which you love most in him may be clearer in his absence, as the mountain to the climber is clearer from the plain.
And let there be no purpose in friendship save the deepening of the spirit.
For love that seeks aught but the disclosure of its own mystery is not love but a net cast forth: and only the unprofitable is caught.
And let your best be for your friend.
If he must know the ebb of your tide, let him know its flood also.
For what is your friend that you should seek him with hours to kill?
Seek him always with hours to live.
For it is his to fill your need, but not your emptiness.
And in the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures.
For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.
Kahlil Gibran

Thursday, June 08, 2006

There had always been a running battle in our family as to whose English is the best and while Mum is Professorial and Dad quotes like a poet, my brother definitely takes the medal for writing.. His dry wit is wonderful and I've decided in true MBA style to plaigairise it.. My brother took a trip to London last week and walked through some lovely areas of Scotland and here are some fabulous parts of his regular emails..

On his arrival in London:
To not put too fine a point on it, nobody speaks English. Not even the English.
Immigration officer (Nice Punjabi Aunty) : Kahan se aa rahe ho aap?

Me (stunned) : Er Ah, New York se aa raha hoon
Her : Wahan kaam karte ho?
Me (weakly) : Haan..
Her : God Bless puttar, have fun.
Me (tottering away) : Thank you

On getting around London:
Somebody once told me, the best way to visit a place is to buy an all day bus pass and just sit and keep going, irrespective of where the bus takes you. I must say, I concur heartily. The same I guess must go for walking. There is a term called "Happily lost", which is what applies to most of the time for me in London. I have no clue as to where I am! And the bloody weather is so finicky, at most times, I cannot figure outwhere North is by looking at the sun.

Seeing the sights:
We managed to see "taming of the shrew" in the open air theatre at regent's park and the setting was idyllic. from time to time, an airliner would pass by overhead and drown out the sound, the actors would patiently wait and then resume.

His travails in Scotland:
Went for a rather curious pub crawl. Its called the literary pub crawl. Two actors quote poetry (both Scottish and English) and take us throughthe various pubs that were frequented by literary greats. One also gotto see the famous thriftiness of the Scots. One guy took a swig at a dram of whiskey and offered to his friend saying "Here, show some respect for Sir Walter Scott", The other guy took a swig and as he was about to take another swig, his friend grabbed the bottle stating "Now,that's enough respect!".
Another one went on the lines of... A Scottish prayer - "Lord, we do not ask ye to give us wealth -- but show us where it is instead!"

The Walk!:
As I went over the crest of the "Devil's staircase", I was a wreck, both literally and mentally. For this, I blame the Scots, wholeheartedly. Everytime i used to stop to ask a person "Are we there yet?" and he/she would smile and say "Oh yes, just a couple of minutes away!". The minutes turned into hours, my feet became blister ridden and in the end, I must have cursed the Scots to hell and back..... The views, were intense. Having hiked 34 miles in two days, I was weary, worn and sick of glens, loches and old women who could walk faster than me! However, revenge is sweet they say, revenge is a dish best eaten cold they say. While cresting downhill, I came upon this couple who were clearly exhausted while climbing uphill. "How much further", the man asked. Putting on my best Scottish accent and a wide grin I replied "Oh just a couple of minutes away!".

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Reality Bites...

Am very fond of Reality Shows on TV.. somehow, I bypassed the intellectual snobbery of turning my nose up at reality shows.. Granted of course, that being a Star World fan, I only watch American Reality shows..Maybe that skews my thinking.. Frankly, Americans are a hlarious bunch.. I cannot imagine any other country's citizen being so.. well, entertaining.. Americans seem to be made for Reality shows.. I doubt Indians are this much fun! One thing though, any admiration you might have had for America as the bastion of freedom and entrepreneurship will go for a toss.. I am convinced that America's hegemony rests on pure unadulterated luck..
Anyway, back to reality shows.. I started off with Survivor and while the sheer bitchiness, manipulation and back-biting both entranced and repelled me, I found it easier to just log onto the net and figure out who the winner was going to be.. the actual episodes weren't very captivating..
My favourite reality shows are therefore The Apprentice and The Amazing Race.. I simply adore The Apprentice.. I know exactly when all the re-runs come so that if I miss puff-haired Trump whacking the table and pointing out a "You're Fired!", I know when to watch it again.. Also the tasks set to the contestants seem very do-able and I love trying to figure out who screwed up what.. Cliques don't seem to work very well here and there are no points for popularity though I do think there are way too many blonde women ;)
The Amazing Race is fun for the sheer number of countries covered.. I love arm-chair travelling and this is definitely more fun than Travel Asia or any travel show where the hosts for some reason are hugely patronising.. You know they all have that 'I'm gorgeous and thin and I'm in this exotic place for free while you're gaining weight sitting at home' look!
However my fascination for reality has led to watch some other very odd shows.. My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance is just weird - the girl has to fool her family and meanwhile she's getting scammed and the viewer is just cringing at the stupidity and crassness involved. I personally think there are always so many problems in a real wedding that I would need more than a quarter of a million dollars to try a fake one for my family.. but thats just me.. Then there is the fashion world's version of The Apprentice with The Cut where Tommy Hilfiger has better hair than Trump but much less screen presence. The social experiment of Beauty and the Geek, where 7 gorgeous women try to gel with 7 nerds is intersting but hey, I've only seen the first episode and some of the nerds are cute! I honestly don't get the Idol fever as I have vowed to never watch Hindi Mass channels ever and American Idol gets boring after the first few episodes where they show initial screenings of ahem! singers.. I really wish Simoan had a starring role later 'cos that's the only fun thing there..Then the ultimate The Simple Life.. I had avoided the 1st season but caught an episode of the 2nd season - The Simple Life: Interns - and was a little surprised.. Is Nicole Ritchie actually silly or does she really have the best straight-face ever.. Watch this space...

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Nostalgia ad nauseum

A post of a pal's made me really nostalgic..
This is one is from S who knowing my low understanding for poetry decide to actually write prose..
Now, while I do like her musings, my memories also include some other stuff
1st Semester - everyone agrees that the PDP sessons tend to overpower all other reminscences of this term.. My God, when I think of the time and energy spent dancing, singing, arguing, yeling and generally proving our bhasad-ness to our seniors.. where did we get all the stamina from?? Heck, I even remember us hiding in our room, running home to Delhi, cowering behind locked doors and faking assorted illnesses to avoid the baddy court.. Also, this was the term we met Prof Biswas.. How we hated him and bemoaned our ill-luck.. little did we know that by the next term , we would be wishing for him to replace our Jhamy existence..
2nd semester is dedicated to the force of nature called Jham.. for she called to mind the quotation - 'Death is a better, a milder fate than tyranny' (No I'm not that erudite, I went to No words are enough to explain her effect on us and the memories we shall forever carry of that despot called Vimi aka Babli a la Bunty n Babli..
3rd semester is a bit of a blur.. One will find it easier to count the number of hours of sleep we got than try to remember with any clarity what exactly happened this term.. I mean S talks about LAOB and exams and tests and presentation, I can barely remember the months that encompassed this term! Passions was something that brings too many bitter-sweet thoughts to mind and I discovered the usefulness of the phrase 'No Comment'!
4th Semester is marked by the chuckles when every single person tried to bring their ST into the classroom.. Whether its was Sales, Branding (a moment's silence for AV), CB and yes, even Product.. we all knew our answers w.r.t. our own company!
5th semester was placements and nuthing much else... the Library (used for the first time since built), the CompLab, heated arguments over PlaceCom and companies and astonishing number of hits on websites such as ET, BE, FE et al! The actual Placement Process deserves a whole post to itself - V? S? Wanna help me out here?
6th semester was how to waste time while being broke and dreaming of the lucrative job that awaited.. Trips were planned right, left and centre, Movies and songs were traded like amphetamine in a rock concert and Convo dresses planned even down to matching jewelery and shoes!!
Phew what a ride! Congrats to IMT batch of 2004-06 (incidentally the 25th batch!) for surviving... we deserve a medal.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Scenic Shillong

I had promised pictures so finally dug out some.. This is Umiam lake and is the best part after a long drive from Guwahati to Shillong. Its gorgous to look at and you know you've almost reached Shillong.. This is the time to nudge awake passengers and keep a eye out for lovely scenes of the lake.. Then one can see the outskirts of Shillong and enjoy the bustling markets as you approach the town... The waterfalls on the right are one of my favourite in Shillong. It is called appropriately Elephant Falls and is rather grand especially after a heavy downpour in Shillong. You also need to hike down some steep steps to get a good look which isn't my favourite part but is fun too..

Well, the last two pcitures are from our house in Shillong.. they aren't the flowers in bloom right now but you get the idea.. I just love the colors.. one of the advatages of being next door to the wettest places in the world is the sheer abundance of flowers all year round.. Unlike Delhi, where one has to wait till winter to grow anything colorful, Shillong has flowers everywhere.. Every house has some plants and phool-patti. Take a walk and you'll see rose-bushes, and even weed-type colorful blossoms in every shade imaginable..
Credits-Pictures stolen from Dad's stash

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Yes, Minister..

Was watching the old favourite on DVD today.. Suddenly got to thinking.. My god, the British are crazy..
Some of Humprey's gems

Well briefly, Sir, I am the Permanent Under Secretary of State, known as the Permanent Secretary. Woolley here is your Principal Private Secretary, I too have a Principal Private Secretary and he is the Principal Private Secretary to the Permanent Secretary. Directly responsible to me are ten Deputy Secretaries, 87 Under Secretaries and 219 Assistant Secretaries. Directly responsible to the Principal Private Secretary are plain Private Secretaries, and the Prime Minister will be appointing two Parliamentary Under Secretaries and you will be appointing your own Parliamentary Private Secretary
MY GOD and then one wonders at the inefficiency of the bureaucracy!

Minister, Britain has had the same foreign policy objective for at least the last 500 years: to create a disunited Europe. In that cause we have fought with the Dutch against the Spanish, with the Germans against the French, with the French and Italians against the Germans, and with the French against the Germans and Italians. Divide and rule, you see. Why should we change now when it's worked so well?
My history teacher could never have put it so succintly and so aptly!

Sometimes one is forced to consider the possibility that affairs are being conducted in a manner which, all things being considered and making all possible allowances is, not to put too fine a point on it, perhaps not entirely straightforward
Which basically means - You're lying!

And my absolute favourite
Minister, the traditional allocation of executive responsibilities has always been so determined as to liberate the ministerial incumbent from the administrative minutiae by devolving the managerial functions to those whose experience and qualifications have better formed them for the performance of such humble offices, thereby releasing their political overlords for the more onerous duties and profound deliberations which are the inevitable concomitant of their exalted position.
Which by the way means - Need to know basis, you don't need to know..

The real scary part - after my MBA, I actually understand Humphy's dialogues quite easily..

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Panic Attack

I am as vocal as any Indian Citizen worried about reservations and their impact on me, my future propects and my future kids' prospects but am a little worried about what we are doing..
I am not talking about the students taking to the streets and protesting and verbalizing what we all think of the reservations..
I'm talking about the armchair-activists across the country.. who through emails, SMSes and online petitions are adding their two-penny bit to the protest..
I got
  • 8 SMSes about how 94 doctors collapsed while on a 96-hour hunger strike without any media coverage a la Emergency
  • 5 messages asking me to sign/forward some petition to the President/Prime Minister/Arjun Singh/Sonia Gandhi protesting the quota idea - whihc btw, I did but who is sending this petiton where and how?
  • 6 offliners about how some doctor in AIIMS has died again minus media coverage

Hold on a sec! NDTV just ran a segment last night on how all of the above are hoaxes? Did anyone catch it? Is it even true?

Conspiracy theory ki jai

Pl let's confirm where this news is coming from before we spread it like wildfire among friends - yes, even if we do have free sms plans ;) I got an SMS from a journalist friend but I still didn't forward it 'cos frankly I don't see why media is not being allowed to cover it.. Hell, I don't know how or who is stopping them.. In today's age of masal news, this is just the kind of news, NDTV/Aajtak/Zee/CNBC is looking for to boost ratings and rake in advertising money..

I know many of us feel frustrated that we cannot do out bit in this reservation uproar (job/location/willpower) but that doesn't make us any less responsible for it..

Why can't we check facts before forwarding this kind of news which when its proven false just hurts our case and casts doubts in peoples' (read elders) minds about what our generation is trying to prove.. In fact, am pretty sure the doctors on strike feel frustrated that we guys can't do anything more than pass on unverifiable news.. Let's not forget that news sent through SMSes and email and orkut is considered more credible 'cos it came from the guy/girl you partied in college with.

Guess what? I'm forwarding this link to everyone I know..

Saturday, May 20, 2006

I now declare you..

It was inevitable perhaps that the minute I declare in a post that I would be blogging more frequently now that I'm in Shillong without much to do.. I would then have a dry spell and not post for 5 days.. Nope, with family around, blogging comes low down on the prority list (the overall priorty list not my priority list) and thus, this is the first I've come near a computer in 5 days..
I had the opportunity to witness a Christian wedding first-hand last week.. Now unlike the stuff shown on TV, this was not a 5 minute afair and there was no commercial break.. The ceremony lasted an hour with a service in church in which vows took place.. Barring, Malayalee weddings (whihc last about 15 minutes), this was the shortest wedding I had ever witnessed. Which brought to my mind the fact that every Hindu wedding is long - supremely long in fact.. Nikaahs are short and apparently so are Christian weddings.. Why is it Hindu weddings which seem to have to be so ponderous and slow? And I'm not even including the assorted ceremonies before and after the weddings or the games that the bride and groom play..
Anyway, the wedding was also a unique mixture of pagan tribal rituals and Catholic ceremonies but very sweet.. The Readings which referred to the almost saintly virtues the wife must have and which will benefit the husband raised my hackles a bit but that's par for the course I assume..
And no, there was no throwing of the bridal bouquet..

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Greetings from Shillong!

Am now in Shillong, capital of Meghalaya, one of the wettest places in the world and my very own summer retreat.. Yes, quite like the Mughal emperors of yore, during the hot summer months of Delhi, I shift camp to Shillong.. Shillong of 19 degrees, light rain, cold nights with furry quilt and a house with lots anf lots of be-you-ti-fool flowers.. must try and upload some snaps 'cos they are really lovely.. roses (red and white and pink), snapdragons (pink, purple, maroon, magenta..), gladioli in royal purple and a whole hots of other flowers all blooming riotously..
Meanwhile, my father (who rocks btw) has equipped me well.. I have a local phone so I don't subject my delicate Airtel to roaming bills, there's broadband so I can mail/chat/post/orkut to my heart's content, there's also STD so I can call via that as well... So with TV thrown in for good measure and the fact that I get to bed quite soon, this is as close to bliss as possible.
Its weird though, why I can't use Airtel on roaming beyond receiving smses.. Airtel has breached the final bastion - the North-East.. It opened shop here about a year back and there are signs all over the city... I found the same problem in Srinagar as well.. despite Airtel being in operation, roaming wasn't permitted. I wonder if its a security concern for both palces.. After all, for years only 1 operator (Reliance) was allowed to open up this circle to mobile services.. Then, BSNL joined in and now Airtel plus Aircel.. odd.
Anyway, this is just the beginning of posts from here.. have a lot more fre time here and with my dad around, I tend to wake up early and be ready earlier than in Delhi.. So blogging will be more frequent and esoteric in content

Friday, May 12, 2006

Entry for May 12, 2006

It's amazing what life teaches you - in the silliest of ways.. I had planned to spend a lot of time fixing up my blog here.. adding funny links with witty comments and making it cozy and comfy before posting.. You know.. how youy want to set up your dream house in the best furniture, gorgeous curtains and perfectly-chosen artifacts and only then do a griha-pravesam and enter it.. Well, then you realise, you can't afford any furniture beyond a bed and the one table you already have doesn't fit and since you gave in notice in your old place, you need to move in before you become homeless...
Same here, I have officially moved into blogspot/blogger (are these the same - can anyone enlighten me?) and abandoned my Yahoo 360 blog forthwith (or is it henceforth or herewith).. despite my template being slightly cock-eyed and my links list isn't ready yet.. yada yada yada.. But I'm here now and will start posting regularly on this blog.. and will try to learn html and fix it up as I go along..
For those who didn't get the moral of the story - forget it..

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Trying out a new place and new stuff.. patience while I make this blog just right.. then I'll post