Friday, July 07, 2006

A New Era Dawns

There's some sort of saying about the best laid plans of mice and men.. but since I got about 15 minutes before my time is up..
Had planned to blog from Delhi then from B'lore but got caught up in life.. Left Shillong on 26th June and landed straight into the heat that masquerades as Delhi.. a rat in the house, no fan in my room, no broadband and a phone that didn't work seemed like the worst of omens.. But when we landed in Bangalore last Friday with 23 degrees and a lovely guesthouse, things started looking up. Met up with some friends too and started work this Monday after about 6 months of vacationing..
Phew! We are training till next week and since yours truly is posted in Hub Office, must start apartment hunting too.. the good news is that am doing shadow stints till October so no responsibilities yet! The bad news is that I don't have a local connection.. More news later when the muse comes around..

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