Thursday, June 16, 2016

Her Last

It's early morning. Too early to wake up. I hear a rustle and a warm weight slides in next to me. After checking on baby, I turn to her and cuddle her close. 
After some snuggles, she wants to talk. Or at least say what's on her mind. It's clear she's been thinking about this. How she's a big girl but not so long ago, she was small and wanted it as much as the little baby fast asleep on my side. She asks if it's still there. I say yes of course. I had promised myself that if she ever asked, I would offer. She had shared with the new baby but not for any length of time and I was sure she has forgotten how. 
She smiles at me. I ask her if she wants some. She thinks and then giggles and nods. I offer. She half latches and then instead kisses it. Smiles again. And starts talking of something else. 
The vestiges of sleep have vanished and I realize this is her last. My last with her. I promise to write this memory down. 
So I did.