Tuesday, March 03, 2015


The most amazing thing happened today. I woke up early. I don't mean 10 minutes early so I can procrastinate a little longer about getting out of bed.  I don't mean 5 minutes early so I can gaze at my daughter's face. I woke up 40 minutes early. 40 minutes. And while not completely refreshed (come on, I have a toddler!), I felt rested enough to not want to nap a little. 
What did I do with that extra time? Well, Facebook (obviously!) and I contemplated chores. Contemplated washing my hair since I'm awake early, thought about starting a washing machine load, ruminated on the clothes I should take out to wear (for baby and myself). I did quite a bunch of brainwork. No actual work, of course. All this was accomplished while cuddled under my quilt and next to my daughter. 
And I wrote this blog post. 
I should really have taken that nap. 

Sunday, March 01, 2015


"Baby, when you're gone". She's underfoot all the time. Being naughty and mischievous and getting in the way. Clambering and running and pawing me. Being adorable yet unreasonable and not kissing me. And so she leave any lap for her evening out-time. 
And I miss her the second she's out the door. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Rat Race

First day back in the rat race. Biscuit crumbs in the handbag. And tea. Lots of it. And free time. That won't last. Too many faces and names and smiles. That should last. 
Fingers crossed. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My Love

Those impossibly, unruly curls
The smooth texture as I run my hand through them
Struck anew by the long long eyelashes 
The inscrutable stare before you drift off to sleep
The chubby arms that belie your lean frame
The softness of your cheek as you vigorously nurse on me
The hands that pat me as if to say - good job, mama
I am privileged, child, lucky beyond compare 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Mind your own dress

Yes, I know that's a lot of cleavage. No, it is supposed to be that short. Yes, it is a little see-through. No, I don't mind that my bra shows a bit. No, I don't believe in wearing a slip/ chemise/ spaghetti top. Yes, I do want to go out like that. No, I don't care that it's inappropriate. Yes, I know it's transparent. No, I don't care what people will say. You know, it's my body; I get to decide what I want to wear.. or not wear.

After spending 30 plus years in India, do you think I don't already mentally run through how I dress and where I am going in it? I don't need anyone else's opinion on my clothing. Even when I am undecided on what to wear, unless I ask for your opinion, please don't bother telling me. And not to worry, I still won't listen to you. Your dress sense isn't exactly up to my standards either but do you see me going all Trinny and Susannah on you? Kindly extend the same courtesy to me.


Sunday, June 22, 2014

I swear I had a post idea..

.. on Friday. Mummy swear! I just can't remember it at this moment. So I have to fall back on the reliable posting whatever I feel like. Wait, I also watched 2 episodes of Game of Thrones. So total blog material right there.

What do I like best about GoT: Seeing what is arguably one of the best fantasy series recreated on-screen. I mean, I love LOTR but a single movie of Hobbit is all I can stand in a single year. I'm guessing my husband thinks so too because of all the ranting I do leading upto and after the movie as well. I mean why the hell is Legolas falling in love with some psycho elf chick... Ok, stopping now.

What do I hate the most about GoT: The fact that they take FOREVER to make and release. 10 episodes a year is just torture sometimes. Plus we have to get the episodes off the net after the season is over in the US. And no, I don't watch it when it screens on HBO in India. The stupid censors hack so much off, I'm surprised there's anything left!

What do I admire the most about GoT: The way the TV show mixes up stuff from the book. And I don't even care. I am usually very canon-like but because the series is super long and unfinished, the producers and GRMM happily fiddle with the storyline. And I am ok with it! In fact, I would say I even prefer many of the changes made just 'cos it makes for such good TV!

And yes, I love Tyrion. And I get to be all smug 'cos I read Dance with Dragons.


Thursday, June 19, 2014

Famous Last Words?

So I already missed a day of blogging. After all my self exhortation and all also. My only excuse is that i went out in the hell that is Delhi's heat and then, well, my baby is really quite cute and extremely distracting.
And that excuse is going to come up more often. i mean, my baby is seriously cute!
I read a poll by that hallowed baby website called Baby Centre and answered two questions. The first was - do you think your baby is cuter than all other babies (Hell yeah!) and the second was do you discuss this extreme cuteness with your partner? And i realised I had been punked (as had the other 92% of parents answering the poll)
Anyway, my punishment to myself is that i have to post twice today so i thought i better get one off before 10 am. Otherwise flash to next week and i trying to write 7 posts in a single day and noone is getting fooled.
Hey, this writing about nothing really works! I mean i akready have 3 whole paragraphs and i havent even needed to crack a bad joke yet. Meanwhile, did you hear about the one where a horse walks into a bar... Yeah, me too.