Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Recent reads

Bought a lot of new books recently and plowed my way through them as well. Some notable ones are Warlock By Wilbur Smith. Its a sequel to his brilliant book River God set in Ancient Egypt and following the adventures of the eunuch Taita. And even though Warlock is shade below River God (especially switching from a first person account to a third person account), its quite a good book. His action scenes are really riveting and even though I was sure of the ending, I found myself tensing during the Red Road narration. It can be read as a stand alone book as well as a sequel to River God which is really great.
Also found Brethren - yet another Knights Templar book but surprisingly well-written. And believe me, I'd know having read quite a few Da Vinci Code look-alikes in the past few weeks. The battles scenes are also very deftly told and I was frankly surprised considering the writer is a woman - no, I'm not being sexist but since I personally skip such passages... Its got a sequel which I might fish out but I can't promise.
Meanwhile someone was supposed to send me some books for my birthday but since he's not well-known for his punctuality I'll bide my time before buying more books. This is what I spend my money on and though people might think it silly, I'd say its better than spending it on dining out - not that I don't do that as well!