Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Anti-Social Media

It feels very strange to be posting a blog after so long.. Not just because I'm out of practice but because sometimes I catch myself composing a particular sentence to use. Maybe I just find myself thinking almost exactly as I would write.. I frame amusing lines, find funny jokes, google what I want to explain.. And then I either tweet ir or post it on Facebook..
So is social networking the end of blogging? Not for other people.. Some have found a simple solution.. Write a post and their link is their status.. A few clicks is ensured..especially if the heading is provocative enough.. Hey, I may sound derisive but it requires real discipline to control that snappy one-liner and instead write a warm, funny blog post.
But the ones I reall envy are those who have this great imagination.. They continue to post some really funny stuff on Twitter and Facebook, while still writing amazing content on their blog. Sure, some are journalist so they're already at an advantage but what about the others.. They have a day job which they slog away at, keep their followers amused with hilarious tweets and give us something to think about in their blog post as well.. I think I'm rambling now..
But I know I want to write and for that I cannot use social media as an excuse.. Thus, I make a promise - to myself as I doubt anyone reads this except by accident - to try and write at least once a month. Movie reviews, book reviews, random jokes, funny pictures.. Something which I want to share.. And not on twitter or FB..


  1. Anonymous18:58

    it's June 19 and you haven't posted a blog since you wrote this. fail.

  2. Good to learn that u will be writing more than ur snappy one-liners! Wating.......

  3. Are u still in Bangalore, KArnataka?????