Saturday, June 03, 2006

Reality Bites...

Am very fond of Reality Shows on TV.. somehow, I bypassed the intellectual snobbery of turning my nose up at reality shows.. Granted of course, that being a Star World fan, I only watch American Reality shows..Maybe that skews my thinking.. Frankly, Americans are a hlarious bunch.. I cannot imagine any other country's citizen being so.. well, entertaining.. Americans seem to be made for Reality shows.. I doubt Indians are this much fun! One thing though, any admiration you might have had for America as the bastion of freedom and entrepreneurship will go for a toss.. I am convinced that America's hegemony rests on pure unadulterated luck..
Anyway, back to reality shows.. I started off with Survivor and while the sheer bitchiness, manipulation and back-biting both entranced and repelled me, I found it easier to just log onto the net and figure out who the winner was going to be.. the actual episodes weren't very captivating..
My favourite reality shows are therefore The Apprentice and The Amazing Race.. I simply adore The Apprentice.. I know exactly when all the re-runs come so that if I miss puff-haired Trump whacking the table and pointing out a "You're Fired!", I know when to watch it again.. Also the tasks set to the contestants seem very do-able and I love trying to figure out who screwed up what.. Cliques don't seem to work very well here and there are no points for popularity though I do think there are way too many blonde women ;)
The Amazing Race is fun for the sheer number of countries covered.. I love arm-chair travelling and this is definitely more fun than Travel Asia or any travel show where the hosts for some reason are hugely patronising.. You know they all have that 'I'm gorgeous and thin and I'm in this exotic place for free while you're gaining weight sitting at home' look!
However my fascination for reality has led to watch some other very odd shows.. My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance is just weird - the girl has to fool her family and meanwhile she's getting scammed and the viewer is just cringing at the stupidity and crassness involved. I personally think there are always so many problems in a real wedding that I would need more than a quarter of a million dollars to try a fake one for my family.. but thats just me.. Then there is the fashion world's version of The Apprentice with The Cut where Tommy Hilfiger has better hair than Trump but much less screen presence. The social experiment of Beauty and the Geek, where 7 gorgeous women try to gel with 7 nerds is intersting but hey, I've only seen the first episode and some of the nerds are cute! I honestly don't get the Idol fever as I have vowed to never watch Hindi Mass channels ever and American Idol gets boring after the first few episodes where they show initial screenings of ahem! singers.. I really wish Simoan had a starring role later 'cos that's the only fun thing there..Then the ultimate The Simple Life.. I had avoided the 1st season but caught an episode of the 2nd season - The Simple Life: Interns - and was a little surprised.. Is Nicole Ritchie actually silly or does she really have the best straight-face ever.. Watch this space...

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  1. muski06:52

    hey akshara! am really enjoying this - it's nice to have a window into your life. hope all is well in shillong. i just got the ok to take leave in september, so am going to try and get tix today. where will you be then?
    - muski