Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Little Bo Peep

I had planned 2 new posts about movies I had seen and a 300 year old tree I had taken pictures of and my parents' visit. But - My phone was stolen from me today.. My very expensive, brand-new phone - right off my table when I was in a meeting. So very depressed and sad.
Let us observe a few minutes silence... and yes, you can join me in heaping curses on the ******* who did the dark deed.


  1. I feel for you lady! Gaaaaaaaaaah!

  2. Avijit18:48

    i wished to say.. ohhh, so sad!.. but i say, it's something that happens to most people. Be careful next time. I'm sure you can buy another phone and a better one this time...... don't curse me, I also lost mine sometime back. that's why I'm saying this!!

  3. @avijit - thank. Without your sage advice, I wouldn't have been careful the next time around.

  4. Nazareth02:34

    I've just had a "Curse the %$&#%*@ cellphone thief" session (we hold hands and curse out loud, lol). Keep your chin up, Akshara, there are better phones coming your way! :)