Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Greetings from Shillong!

Am now in Shillong, capital of Meghalaya, one of the wettest places in the world and my very own summer retreat.. Yes, quite like the Mughal emperors of yore, during the hot summer months of Delhi, I shift camp to Shillong.. Shillong of 19 degrees, light rain, cold nights with furry quilt and a house with lots anf lots of be-you-ti-fool flowers.. must try and upload some snaps 'cos they are really lovely.. roses (red and white and pink), snapdragons (pink, purple, maroon, magenta..), gladioli in royal purple and a whole hots of other flowers all blooming riotously..
Meanwhile, my father (who rocks btw) has equipped me well.. I have a local phone so I don't subject my delicate Airtel to roaming bills, there's broadband so I can mail/chat/post/orkut to my heart's content, there's also STD so I can call via that as well... So with TV thrown in for good measure and the fact that I get to bed quite soon, this is as close to bliss as possible.
Its weird though, why I can't use Airtel on roaming beyond receiving smses.. Airtel has breached the final bastion - the North-East.. It opened shop here about a year back and there are signs all over the city... I found the same problem in Srinagar as well.. despite Airtel being in operation, roaming wasn't permitted. I wonder if its a security concern for both palces.. After all, for years only 1 operator (Reliance) was allowed to open up this circle to mobile services.. Then, BSNL joined in and now Airtel plus Aircel.. odd.
Anyway, this is just the beginning of posts from here.. have a lot more fre time here and with my dad around, I tend to wake up early and be ready earlier than in Delhi.. So blogging will be more frequent and esoteric in content


  1. Tune06:31

    Really envy you..would love to be in shillong not just enjoying the beauty but also chilling and best of all catching up with you!

  2. muski08:16

    well Akshara - since you have so much free time - do fix your links!!
    hope all is well - this is such a great idea - btw - i'm jealous you're in shillong!! i'm reading a book called the point of return, and it's so cool to read about police bazaar and the like.
    hope all is well :)

  3. Hai allah ! I have been the first to comment on a post , but this is a first on the blog itself ! Someone give me a trophy.Tussi Shillong mein maze karo.dilli just surpassed a furnace in its heat quotient.My left leg melted this afternoon .Looking fwd to a virtual tour of shillong on this blog.