Sunday, May 28, 2006

Nostalgia ad nauseum

A post of a pal's made me really nostalgic..
This is one is from S who knowing my low understanding for poetry decide to actually write prose..
Now, while I do like her musings, my memories also include some other stuff
1st Semester - everyone agrees that the PDP sessons tend to overpower all other reminscences of this term.. My God, when I think of the time and energy spent dancing, singing, arguing, yeling and generally proving our bhasad-ness to our seniors.. where did we get all the stamina from?? Heck, I even remember us hiding in our room, running home to Delhi, cowering behind locked doors and faking assorted illnesses to avoid the baddy court.. Also, this was the term we met Prof Biswas.. How we hated him and bemoaned our ill-luck.. little did we know that by the next term , we would be wishing for him to replace our Jhamy existence..
2nd semester is dedicated to the force of nature called Jham.. for she called to mind the quotation - 'Death is a better, a milder fate than tyranny' (No I'm not that erudite, I went to No words are enough to explain her effect on us and the memories we shall forever carry of that despot called Vimi aka Babli a la Bunty n Babli..
3rd semester is a bit of a blur.. One will find it easier to count the number of hours of sleep we got than try to remember with any clarity what exactly happened this term.. I mean S talks about LAOB and exams and tests and presentation, I can barely remember the months that encompassed this term! Passions was something that brings too many bitter-sweet thoughts to mind and I discovered the usefulness of the phrase 'No Comment'!
4th Semester is marked by the chuckles when every single person tried to bring their ST into the classroom.. Whether its was Sales, Branding (a moment's silence for AV), CB and yes, even Product.. we all knew our answers w.r.t. our own company!
5th semester was placements and nuthing much else... the Library (used for the first time since built), the CompLab, heated arguments over PlaceCom and companies and astonishing number of hits on websites such as ET, BE, FE et al! The actual Placement Process deserves a whole post to itself - V? S? Wanna help me out here?
6th semester was how to waste time while being broke and dreaming of the lucrative job that awaited.. Trips were planned right, left and centre, Movies and songs were traded like amphetamine in a rock concert and Convo dresses planned even down to matching jewelery and shoes!!
Phew what a ride! Congrats to IMT batch of 2004-06 (incidentally the 25th batch!) for surviving... we deserve a medal.


  1. nice add ... n must say i missed out sum stuff for sure ,, u rocc darling ... tk

  2. Hi akshara, thanks for the links. My only request would be that you change the "Crazy Google Ads" link to direct to (not funnygoogleads...) Both pages are identical (I liked both names!), but I am trying to make crazygoogleads my main link.

    I'll link to you in the mean time, but if you could change that, I'd be greatly appreciative.

  3. Anonymous21:43

    Can you stop putting loose comments about professors.