Saturday, May 20, 2006

I now declare you..

It was inevitable perhaps that the minute I declare in a post that I would be blogging more frequently now that I'm in Shillong without much to do.. I would then have a dry spell and not post for 5 days.. Nope, with family around, blogging comes low down on the prority list (the overall priorty list not my priority list) and thus, this is the first I've come near a computer in 5 days..
I had the opportunity to witness a Christian wedding first-hand last week.. Now unlike the stuff shown on TV, this was not a 5 minute afair and there was no commercial break.. The ceremony lasted an hour with a service in church in which vows took place.. Barring, Malayalee weddings (whihc last about 15 minutes), this was the shortest wedding I had ever witnessed. Which brought to my mind the fact that every Hindu wedding is long - supremely long in fact.. Nikaahs are short and apparently so are Christian weddings.. Why is it Hindu weddings which seem to have to be so ponderous and slow? And I'm not even including the assorted ceremonies before and after the weddings or the games that the bride and groom play..
Anyway, the wedding was also a unique mixture of pagan tribal rituals and Catholic ceremonies but very sweet.. The Readings which referred to the almost saintly virtues the wife must have and which will benefit the husband raised my hackles a bit but that's par for the course I assume..
And no, there was no throwing of the bridal bouquet..

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  1. hey nice blog :)
    Eva seen a punjabi weddin , its looooooooong nd gr8 fun
    nywayz keep bloggin