Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Yeh Mera Ghar

They say home is where the heart is.. I still miss Delhi but I like my creature comforts enough to set up my place here in Bangalore.. It's a 2BHK so the blue and white curtains are put up in the hall where there is zero furniture. The red brick thing shows the sparsely equipped kitchen.. But my pride and joy is my room, where the pink curtains make me feel like I'm back in college. My books are obviously not on the shelf but clustered around my mattress.. It may not compare to Lakshmi Mittal's palace but its home for now.


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  2. Liked ur 'ghar', ur castle, ur citadel, ur refuge!

  3. Looks much better than the first time i saw it...Buy a cot!!

  4. Vijaya P.19:12

    hello darling,
    it's me, Vijaya. I can't believe/ love that you have your own place, now i shall have to come crash with you the next time i'm in india, and no i don't know when but i'm thinking maybe winter 2008- we shall see. anyway, i hope you get your place decorated, i hear you're extremely busy- miss ya-Vijaya