Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Scientific Research

I read yet another article in the paper today about scientists (predictably male) who claim to have finally figured out what women want - romance (DUH!) Apparently they showed a sample of women both hard and soft porn and discovered (sic) that women got more aroused by kisses and cuddles (yawn!)

Ok how many of us didn't already know this? Yes, the men.. Men are so clueless (or pretend to be anyway) about what women want. Then they marvel at Casanova who figured out the obvious secret - it is very simple to keep women happy.

There is the whole cache of cliches of what romance is. You know - red roses, her favourite flowers, chocolates, moonlit walks, kisses, candlelit dinner, late night calls, poetry, Romeo & Juliet, walks in the rain, long drives, holding hands, slow dancing to romantic music like maybe jazz, songs like - Lady in Red ad nauseum. Or even the ultimate conclusion with the man down on one knee with a ring in hand and beautiful words.

Then there's a scene from a movie I saw (I think it was Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) where romance was the hero collecting interesting looking stamps for his woman 'cos that's what she loved doing.

I thnk romance is actually much simpler - it could be cooking a meal together or even lying with his head on her lap.. the essence is being together and liking it.. Everything else is like window dressing - wonderful to experience and enjoy but let's face it, its the dress in the window we take home, isn't it?

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  1. Hey you! Was randomly passing by so thought I'd drop in! But reading this entry reminded me of something that happened in IIMC. Methinks Gokulakannan wanted the newspaper from you. And obviously demanded it from you. You turned around and said. "That's no way to ask a girl. Ask nicely." He says in a soft voice "Can I have the newspaper?". Sensing he's still not quite getting the not-so-subtle message, you say "Say the magic word, Gokul, say the magic word." And our hero, completely exasperated with you says "What magic words? Oh ...Fine .... I love you!".
    The point to this story being that those magic words weren't good enough. After laughing about it till our sides hurt, you insisted that he still said 'please'. Poor boy! THAT day he learnt that theres more magic in that one word than in 'I love you'!