Friday, July 04, 2008

American Saga - Part I

Charlotte, North Carolina is a lovely piece of suburban America – totally wholesome and delightful. But yes, one does miss the occasional Indian face (since it is overwhelmingly American) and we didn’t see a single Asian taxi-driver either! My brother’s apartment is simply adorable and I adored the pretty flowers and garden just outside his door. What struck me was the apartment’s sheer self sufficiency (kudos to my brother as well) whereby it’s a joy to take care of the flat and live in it.
The neighborhood grocery store – mysteriously named Harris Teeter – was stunning for its sheer range of products. Even a Hypercity in Mumbai can’t beat it for the absolute number of brands available in any product category (though Harris Teeter is much smaller). I also got a good look at TiVo and believe me, I’ll be the first to queue when it launches in India. I got to see all my favorite shows – seasons ahead! – and recorded whatever I missed! American ads are a bit boring compared to our song-and-dance routines but they were surprisingly more intelligent. Of course, the absolute most fun thing was the shopping! Be it low cost Walmart or Target or the expensive (for us!) Macy’s – I went berserk buying whatever I could. Sigh, am quite sure I spent most of my dollars in Charlotte only..

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