Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Two conferences, some shopping and a movie

Since the title of my post is self explanatory, I will not dwell too much on the conference beyond saying they were wonderful experiences and I had a ball in both. I will also not spend too much time gushing about my outfits for my cousin's wedding either - am quite sure am too fat to fit into them now!
But I will write about Water - the movie I saw last night. Since I didn't like Fire too much and had missed Earth despite being a big Aamir fan, I was very happy to be able to catch Water especially after all the Oscar hype. Surprisingly, we got tickets (believe me, getting tickets for an Oscar nominated movie at INOX in Garuda mall on Ugadi at 7pm is like prospecting for gold!) and settled down in decent seats (read not the first row!) The move is slow paced but it never drags and I think that is quite an accomplishment. Seema Biswas is wonderful and manages to hold your attention till the end. The little girl (Sarala I think?) is also adorable, well suited to her role with sparks of defiance combined with a lost-little-girl mien that steals your heart quite effortlessly. Lisa Ray didn't impress me much but I admit I'm prejudiced (have you seen Raaz??) while John Abharam has very nice dimples! The movie itself is well-made but I didn't feel touched at all (or perhaps that was the idea). Maybe activism via the reel is losing its charm?
I got up from my seat marginally disturbed and the only memory I carried home with me was of a sweet old lady who waits her entire life for a laddu denied to her by tradition.

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  1. And no mention about me?? The one who saw that Water tickets were indeed available!!