Friday, May 18, 2007

Fare Thee Well Bengalooru

After 10 months in the Garden City, I'm moving and there are a few things I will miss
To cheating autowallahs and the honest ones with accurate meters
To friends who made office a wonderful time - P who eats very fast and S who wins at saunf throwing, T with her pint-size orkut window and S who never had time (to come for lunch, to go for lunch, to eat at lunch and to chat after lunch)
To Bangalore airport, where I seemed to spend more time waiting and less time travelling
To 2nd hand bookstores, which I used as a library and where I discovered some really good writer at some fantastic rates
To Garuda Mall, where we hardly managed to see any movies; Rex and Symphony - where we actually got tickets; PVR where any ticket seemed expensive and Cauvery - our last resort for a movie
To Brigade Road and Forum mall where I did a lot of shopping - most of it window-shopping
To S, my college buddy along with hubby K for whom I braved Koramangala
To our landlady who ripped us off so much cash - you have blood on your hands, aunty!
To my boss, who has spoilt me for anyone else and my team who put up with the only girl around
To I, who leaves the same city for Paris! Me coming dude so watch out...
And of course to N who got to know the HAL airport as intimately as I did CST airport.. Oh thats not a farewell, that's a Hello!


  1. Anonymous05:39

    it couldnt have been better..:-)


  2. hey happy journey...all the best

  3. Have a safe trip, Akshara, and have fun in Mumbai - at least now I know someone there who can show me around when Fortune brings me to that part of the world some day! ;)

  4. And u r most welcome here....I bet the autowallas wud be missing u too....