Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Movie Overloaded

I feel like I've been watching way too many movies.. Before the whole OSO-Saawariya showdown, there was Jab We Met and No Smoking. I also suffered through A Mighty Heart and survived Stardust. And then I went and saw Om Shanti Om but couldn't get up enough nerve for Saawariya. Then this week, I worked my way through Beowulf, Elizabeth and Goal. Considering all these movies were in the space of less than a month, I think I've OD-ed on movies.
The truly sad part is that not one of these movies really touched me. I didn't 'love' a single one. Either I'm getting too finicky or the standard is getting worse. The Hindi movie disasters are clearly a case of too much hype and publicity. Whether its the Shahid-Kareena breakup or media war against No Smoking and Goal or the over-exposed OSO / Saawariya - I already knew more than I wanted to about the movie before the national anthems started. For the English movies, I think we're getting too many duds (Stardust, Elizabeth) and overestimating Hollywood (A Mighty Heart/Beowulf).
Still, there's hope with Aaja Nachle and Tara Zameen Par - after all, the first Hindi movie I loved was Dil!

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