Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ball and Chain

It is a common sight at airports everywhere but I have been forcefully reminded every weekend. Nearly every single passenger (including me) was carrying a laptop. I conjectured that the lovey dovey couple were newly weds making a quick trip home, the stern distinguished man was racing home after a business meeting, the tired looking parents with an energetic kid were visiting the in-laws and so on. But all of them had the ubiquitous black bag/briefcase bulging with a laptop. Sad isn't it that even on a weekend away, carrying the office laptop is mandatory - just in case. This weekend, on my way to to Shillong, I carefully put my laptop in the office cabinet and my personal Vaio in my wardrobe at home. My little bid for freedom

1 comment:

  1. hehehe.. i dont have a laptop at all. though in todays world.. you need one.. i somehow managed to buy the smallest laptop in the world.

    the nokia e90 communicator.

    works well for me..