Friday, December 26, 2008


After going movie-less for a whole month, it was manna to be able to take in 2 movies in 2 days.

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi was an interesting movie to look forward to since Aditya Chopra was returning to direction after so many years. DDLJ is a movie I really adored and I still pause whenever I come across it on TV while Mohabbatein was an awful awful movie. The biggest plus for RNBDJ is that it is closer to DDLJ than to Mohabbatein. And of course it has SRK who finally seems to be flexing his acting muscles. From the giggly Baazigar, SRK has essayed more intriguing roles with films like Swades, Chak De (while sticking to commercial Rahul / Raj mold in OSO, KANK) but here he seems to be combining the two. As shy Surinder wooing his broken-hearted wife, he paints a fascinating picture of the common man to rival R.K. Laxman. Unfortunately, he is the only saving grace of the movie with his insipid wife and irritating alter-ego making one want to scream with annoyance. And perhaps what is most displeasing is the sheer male arrogance where a woman’s gratitude magically becomes love and overcomes poor styling for a virtuous happy ending. Not to mention, the over-reliance on Rab for everything under the sun got my goat. I fear Aditya Chopra lives in DDLJ-land and is completely out of sync with today’s love stories. Or maybe he’s a marketing genius for making all of us long to live in his picture-perfect small town.

Dostana was seen almost a month after its initial release and with friends having diametrically opposite opinions on it, it was a must-see. An excellent script and fabulous comic delivery from Abhishek means this movie is a hit for me. John Abraham’s body should have had a paean dedicated to it (and not half a song – he put Shilpa Shetty’s body to shame!) and he did a creditable job. Priyanka was a waste and it’s sad that one of her hits this year isn’t something she should put on her resume. Abhishek Bachchan is a delight (despite his tie-n-dye clothes) and his fake love story enactment with John in Venice is one of the most memorable scenes from the movie. Dostana is also the height of female arrogance where the lissome babe is totally unaware of her effect on her ‘best’ friends and would any girl really choose pathetic Bobby Deol over John and Abhishek? Come on!

For anyone who like his/her comedy dark and smarter than Adam Sandler, I heartily recommend Burn After Reading. George Clooney looks better and better and Brad Pitt cruises through his role. Favourite scene:when Pitt ‘blackmails’ Malkovich on the phone.

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