Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Glitch in the Matrix

Yes, its déjà vu time. I’m back in Bangalore again..I have such mixed feelings about this city. I’m not looking forward to the endless traffic jams (if I get the company car soon) or the haggling with the auto-wallahs (till I get the company car!) or the absolute helplessness when someone lapses into Kannada. At the same time, I still love the weather – can you believe it’s warm here while Mumbai was chilly! And I love that Cornerhouse is still around and my second-hand bookstore Bookworm should still be there. I can’t wait to pig out on the Brown Bomb dessert and spend the weekend happily browsing through piles of books. Ah and also to catch up on some much needed sleep! I actually wake up by 7:30 am and am in office before 9:30 am!! Shocking but true.. Will definitely miss Mumbai with its party places and gazillion movie theatres and yes, I’ll even miss the local trains! But its nice being back in a place one knows a little and reacquainting myself with all my favourite spots. And let’s face it – the languid pace of Bangalore has always been more my style than Manic Mumbai.

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