Friday, February 22, 2008

History on drip

Phew what a week! Been loaded at work and when it seemed that my weekend was going to go the same way, decided enough was enough.
Bought a new phone - Nokia 5310 - a slim Xpress Music model. Despite everyone (who's opinion I value) telling me that Nokia's phones were going down the drain and reccomending everything from Sony-Ericsson and Motorola, I bought a Nokia. Don't know why but I learnt my lesson the first time around when I bought a non-Nokia phone. Just too used to the Nokia brand, I suppose and while people might say I'm being lazy, let's admit it, this is one brand that is almost intuitive in its interface. Anyway, decided to go with a blue phone (well, they didn't have pink!) and it looks quite snazzy! The only problem is that its so thin, I keep forgetting its in my pocket!
Also saw Jodha-Akbar, managing to squeeze in a show in the ubiquitous First Week - ok ok it was last day last show! And I really wish director-ji had stuck with the love angle and given the politics a kick. Ash and Hritik look dreamy and their chemistry is perfect - don't even bother listening to their dialogues! But what I really liked was the way the Rajputs spoke in perfect shudh Hindi and the Mughals lyrical Urdu - never mind that I was guessing most of the meaning. However, the second half is just soggy and my hand was itching for a fast-forward button. The battle sequences couldn't hold a candle to LOTR and I really wish they had stuck with good CGI instead of hilarious looking extras. All in all, worth and dekko but one needs a lot of patience for this movie.

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