Thursday, June 19, 2014

Famous Last Words?

So I already missed a day of blogging. After all my self exhortation and all also. My only excuse is that i went out in the hell that is Delhi's heat and then, well, my baby is really quite cute and extremely distracting.
And that excuse is going to come up more often. i mean, my baby is seriously cute!
I read a poll by that hallowed baby website called Baby Centre and answered two questions. The first was - do you think your baby is cuter than all other babies (Hell yeah!) and the second was do you discuss this extreme cuteness with your partner? And i realised I had been punked (as had the other 92% of parents answering the poll)
Anyway, my punishment to myself is that i have to post twice today so i thought i better get one off before 10 am. Otherwise flash to next week and i trying to write 7 posts in a single day and noone is getting fooled.
Hey, this writing about nothing really works! I mean i akready have 3 whole paragraphs and i havent even needed to crack a bad joke yet. Meanwhile, did you hear about the one where a horse walks into a bar... Yeah, me too.

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