Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Kasamh Se

V and I were doing a little maths the other while watching another episode of our love-to-hate soap Kasamh Se. The soap is about 3 sisters focussing on the eldest played by demure 19-year old Prachi Desai. Now she stood in for her younger sister during her marriage so we assume she started off being 19 years old on TV. (Her younger sister was suppoed to be married and assuming legaliy, she would be 18 and her elder sister Bani at least 19). Now despite her new hubby furious at her deception, marital relations were still on (Men!) so she has twins who pop it when they're 4 - yes very sad. That takes her to 24 yrs. Then due to some scheming she gets banished from her hubby despite being pregnant with her daughter (Ganga for those who really want to know). There was some sort of time jump because we next see her when Ganga is about 6 and in school and all. Age check - 30 (we're giving her the benefit of one year less because she was enciente when she got thrown out. Ok, now she gets back together with her hubby (who's re-married by the by) and has another set of twins. Another generation gap and actress change and now we're 16 years ahead. So she should be 46. Technically this role was to be played by 19 year old Ekta Kapoor favourite Prachi but she's onto bigger things. The actress currently playing the role is new-comer

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