Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Vishu and other thoughts

First off, wishing everyone a Happy Vishu i.e. Happy New Year. I woke up bright and early and collected my 'kanni' from Mom and Uncle so feeling rich early morning. This is also my first posts since moving back to Delhi but more on that later. I was making my way to office in the metro in the morning with the usual thoughts running through my head. How much work awaited me in office, what plans could be made over the weeken, how to find some time for various chores etc. As I lined up to swipe my pass and exit the station, I noticed the chap in front of me moving slowly. He had none of the usual impatience of the early morning commuter and kept a respectful distance from the lady in front of him. I, being behind him, was none too pleased and wondered why he couldn't just shove up and get throught the till. When he reached the till too, he seemed to be taking a long time to shift his Metro card from his left to his right hand and pass through. And then it struck me. His right sleeve was empty. As I saw him walk away, I felt a quick shame at my impatience and half-formed recriminations. I also felt it was the right encounter on the first day of the New Year. It reminded me for my life and all my happinesses. A loving family, a supportive extended family, a good job, wonderful friends and a healthy, albeit unfit body.

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