Sunday, June 22, 2014

I swear I had a post idea..

.. on Friday. Mummy swear! I just can't remember it at this moment. So I have to fall back on the reliable posting whatever I feel like. Wait, I also watched 2 episodes of Game of Thrones. So total blog material right there.

What do I like best about GoT: Seeing what is arguably one of the best fantasy series recreated on-screen. I mean, I love LOTR but a single movie of Hobbit is all I can stand in a single year. I'm guessing my husband thinks so too because of all the ranting I do leading upto and after the movie as well. I mean why the hell is Legolas falling in love with some psycho elf chick... Ok, stopping now.

What do I hate the most about GoT: The fact that they take FOREVER to make and release. 10 episodes a year is just torture sometimes. Plus we have to get the episodes off the net after the season is over in the US. And no, I don't watch it when it screens on HBO in India. The stupid censors hack so much off, I'm surprised there's anything left!

What do I admire the most about GoT: The way the TV show mixes up stuff from the book. And I don't even care. I am usually very canon-like but because the series is super long and unfinished, the producers and GRMM happily fiddle with the storyline. And I am ok with it! In fact, I would say I even prefer many of the changes made just 'cos it makes for such good TV!

And yes, I love Tyrion. And I get to be all smug 'cos I read Dance with Dragons.


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